Getting a Birth Certificate

Filing a birth certificate in the state of Georgia for a homebirth is a relatively painless process! To make sure your baby has a legal birth certificate:

  1. Fill out this birth worksheet and give it to your midwife
  2. She will send you an official copy to look over and check for data errors, please look at it!
  3. She will electronically file it with the state of Georgia. This must be done within 5 days of birth.
  4. If you want a social security number, the card will be sent automatically.
  5. At that point your certificate should be ready for pickup.
    1. You can pick the birth certificate up at any Vital Records office in Georgia.
    2. You can order the birth certificate online but please note that there is an $8 processing fee for convenience.
    3. You can print the request form online to order the birth certificate and mail it in to the State.