Home birth midwifery services in Atlanta and Athens.


Midwifery Services

My philosophy is that pregnancy and birth are normal physiological processes. Care is based on the belief that you are the expert on your own health, and your midwife can help you find the information you need. Together, we make decisions about your care based on the evidence we have and your unique desires. This is evidence-informed practice. 

 Prenatal care takes place in office, and your birth takes place in your home- waterbirth included. Read more about the homebirth experience here. 

  • Full Prenatal Care

  • Labor & Delivery in your home

  • Postpartum Care (6 weeks)

  • Breastfeeding/Well Newborn Support



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In a perfect society, every expecting mother would receive the kind of care she gives. The world is a better place because she is in it!
— Destiny P
She is professional, always very responsive and extremely knowledgeable. She is able to calm fears and instill courage easily. She is patient and caring.
— Allyson B.
At our first appointment, I was instantly at ease with her. She was kind, funny, and I felt an easy connection with her. She answered any and every question I had without making me feel dumb, all the while bringing up things I hadn’t thought about. She is one of the most kind-hearted women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Missi is very knowledgeable, but she also has an incredible bedside manner. She doesn’t talk down to you like my past OB/GYNs have.
At my birth, she lightened the mood and kept me laughing almost the whole time. When I needed to be reminded to listen to my body, she did so gently and was the calm voice that I needed in the background of my birth. She was the mama bear keeping people away from me when I needed it.
I have referred her to several ladies in the past few months since my birth and will continue to do so.
We are so thankful that we found Missi because she was a perfect fit for our family and all of our children loved her as well.
If we have any more children, it will be with Missi attending in the comfort of our own home.
— Mindy R.


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