Many women have discovered that consuming their placenta benefits them by stabilizing their mood, balancing nutrients, aiding in milk production, and promoting recovery from childbirth. Research in this area is lacking, but you will find that women who have encapsulated their placentas are enthusiastic about how good they feel. 

I am happy to provide this service to my clients for $150 and to non-clients for $250. Placenta art is an additional $25. 



Women report improvements in:

  • mood, reducing the likelihood of postpartum depression

  • energy

  • lactation

  • bleeding

The theory is that since the placenta has been doing such a marvelous job of providing your body with hormones, the sudden loss of this organ and its hormones is traumatic for many women. Consuming your placenta via encapsulated pills is thought to provide mini doses of these hormones to level mood and promote lactation ( Marraccini, Marisa E. PhD; Gorman, Kathleen S., 2015).

Childbirth leaves most women missing 1/8 to 1/10 of their total blood supply. Since many pregnant women struggle to maintain proper iron stores, the effect of this blood loss can be felt through lack of energy and increased bleeding after delivery. The iron content of your placenta provides the recommended daily amount of iron needed to recover (Phaupradit W, Thuvasethakul P, Sassanarakkit A, Chanrachakul B, Leelaphiwat S, Chanworachaikul S., 2000). There is also some evidence that being deficient in iron is related to postpartum depression ( Albacar G, Sans T, Martín-Santos R, 2010).

The Process

Your placenta will need to be kept cold after 3-4 hours post-delivery. If I am part of your birth team I will simply bring your placenta home with me after your birth. If I am not part of your birth team, I will arrange to pick it up within 24 hours. 

After draining and rinsing your placenta, I prefer to leave it raw for processing. It is thoroughly dehydrated and ground to a powder. I use size "0" capsule, which are a bit smaller than what most people encapsulate with. This gives you greater flexibility to "dose" yourself and is easier to swallow. Approximately 150 capsules will be made from your placenta, with variation due to personal placenta size. I then package the pills and present them to you within 72 hours of your birth. 

Get your placenta encapsulated

If you are interested in having your placenta encapsulated, please use the Contact link about to request my Encapsulation Agreement. I welcome any questions as well. 


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All OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standards and preventions are followed. My equipment is only used for placenta processing and is completely and thoroughly disinfected after each placenta. 

If you would like for me to encapsulate your placenta and I am not your midwife, please use the contact form below to request services. Include your due date and place of delivery.

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