Photo courtesy of  Atlanta Birth Photographer

Photo courtesy of Atlanta Birth Photographer


Keeping a low client load allows Missi to serve her clients one-on-one and still have the energy to spend time doing fun things with her family. 

When she isn't catching babies, she can be found hiking with her kids, eating donuts across the country, finding fun ways to exercise, and napping in a hammock. 

Certified Professional Midwife

Missi graduated magna cum laude from MEAC-accredited Midwives College of Utah . While pursuing her degree, she completed a coveted apprenticeship in a busy homebirth practice, surpassing all experience requirements needed to pursue certification. She is a Certified Professional Midwife, trained specifically in out-of-hospital birth, nationally certified with NARM, and holds a midwifery license in Utah. (The state of Georgia does not currently license midwives.) Missi is the President of the Georgia State Chapter of NACPM (National Association of Certified Professional Midwives).

Previously she was part of a group practice, and now enjoys more one-on-one time with clients who are assured that their midwife will be at their birth! Her experience and education marries the old school art of midwifery with the new school science of midwifery- evidence informed practice and holistic methods. 

Missi's clients appreciate her easy-going attitude, empowering effect, and ability to hold a squat for a long time. 

Missi maintains certification in newborn resuscitation and adult CPR. She is also certified in Components of Care for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders through PSI. She also serves on the Standards & Guidelines Committee for the Georgia Midwifery Association.

As a five time home birther (yes, she has FIVE kids!), Missi experienced empowering natural births and respectful midwifery care first-hand.